Our Products
The company offers a number of products ranging from sea foods to imports and exportation of packaged product.
    Sea Foods
  • Lobsters & Crabs
  • Catfish & Mixed fish
  • Cuttlefish & Croakers
  • Flower Tigers & Wild Tigers
  • Shrimps, Prawns and so on
At Karflex, our products are made for both Export and Local Consumption.

brown shrimpsWhite_Shrimps crab claw
brown shrimpsWhite_Shrimpscrab claw
headless_prawnshort_croakerwhite_prawnstiger shrimp
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Fleets Vessels

     At the moment, Karflex Fisheries Ltd has eight (8) medium vessels and ten (10) big vessels in its fleet. The company expects to increase the fleet of its big vessels before the end of the year.

      The medium vessels operate short-term voyages (5 days) and they are involved in sourcing for fresh fish in local waters (for domestic market), while the big vessels are essentially shrimpers that go on longer term voyage (average of 40 days) to high sea for shrimpts (export products).

  • Marion & Mareena
  • Sabreena & Stephanie
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    Let us serve you with the high quality
    see food, with the best hygienic
    At Karflex, our products are made for both Export and Local Consumption.

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